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specialist lawyer for media-law, copyright and intellectual property in berlin (ip)

As a specialist lawyer for media law and criminal law, Kai Jüdemann assists you in a variety of press and media law cases, trademarks and competition law.  We offer help with infringements, libel and violation of  privacy and personality rights by the media and other parties. We also support you in exercising your rights to freedom of expression or artistic freedom. 

What is media law? What is media?

Media are means of communication, be it classic media such as print media, including newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets and posters, be it electronic media such as television, radio or online services such as Twitter and Facebook. The three classic areas are press law, broadcasting law and telemedia. Press law is characterised by both tortious and criminal content. It has both private-law and public-law content.

Media should, among other things, convey content, enable the formation of opinions, provide culture and knowledge. Media should be diverse, independent of state influence and free.

Media law is therefore essentially also the freedom of expressing yourself.

Freedom of expression comprises the protection of opinions and the right to disseminate true facts, freedom of information the right to obtain information from generally accessible sources. In addition, there are media freedoms and artistic freedom.

Media law includes press law, event law, which also includes sports law, theatre law and the protection of personality. This includes general personal rights, commercial personal rights, image protection, the protection of minors in the media and criminal conflicts that may arise in the areas described.

As a law firm for media and copyright law and ip.p., we see ourselves as fighters for your rights, but also as mediators between partners. We have more than 20 years of experience. Our fees are transparent and are discussed in detail with our clients, as are the risks of the case.

For creative people, artists, small start-ups, organisations and private individuals without sufficient funds, I offer almost every Friday on the premises of the Holzmarkt from 15:00 hours a free consultation on the legal areas of the law firm, since good legal advice should be open to all.

For this simply by email under kanzlei@ra-juedemann.de under indication of the topic announce or give us a call under 03069041515

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